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How unjust.

 It really saddens me how my friends approach my sexuality, after I've spent years trying to figure out who I am and what I want with my life and then finally admitting that to myself, they make me feel different. Like I stick out. 

It's generally agreed that heterosexuality is 'normal' and that homosexuality (or bisexuality for that matter) is, therefore, abnormal. Which is probably why the word gay is used as an insult.

What people probably don't understand is that it really does hurt when someone use 'gay' in that way. When people say it around me, for example, I immediately feel isolated and unwanted. Not part of the group. Which is horrible. What's possibly worse is when they realise this and then feel guilty about it and apologise. This hurts more because then you fell like a special case, to be treated nicely because you're different, or that you have an incurable condition that should be avoided.

I was told today that I can't sing the song 'Pretty Women' because it didn't apply to me. I realise it was meant in jest but it was very hard to hear, and if I didn't want an awkward silence I would have showed how offended I was.

As always, I am terrible at conclusions, so bye.

Mmmm, LJ cuts...

I have to warn you, this is most likely going to be a long blog, therefore I will categorize it and put it behind cuts. Why you ask, because I am a nerd... duh.

Numero Uno - Youth GroupCollapse )

Nummer Zwei - My Day + Hurting Myself :(Collapse )
Numeri Tre - My Day But YesterdayCollapse )
That's all methinks, except that I can't wait for Doctor Who tomorrow, and Death Note is awesome (like it or i'll put your name on the internet so Kira will get you ¬¬) so i'll type yet to be written messages sonn, probably tomorrow. Cya.

My day

i can't stay long, just here to say that i just avoided a friday night detention (which would have been completely not my fault) and that i have had lots of fun after school, me and my sister put up my tent in our back garden, then we had tea in it (the meal not the drink). Then after that we had fun on the trampoline/swingball etc.

Talk to you laterz (after i've been to youth group)


What? A Blog?

Yup, i'm actually posting a blog *crashes of thunder and random eathquakes ensue* but don't worry it's not the sign of the apocalypse *the SFX team sadly pack up their things and go* but i do realise that i haven't posted on LJ for about... a month now is it? Anyways, i've decided to do what i think is called an update. Life is quite good for me, nothing massively new, but i did find the best program I have ever seen (those who know me will probably have guessed by now that it's an anime), but it really is the most amazing, intricate and absolutely gripping show I have come across. It's called Death Note. Which means a notebook of death. For those of you who read LK's journal, you may have heard of it, but let me tell you, it is the best show ever, it has an almost spell-binding way of making you want to see more and to know what is going to happen, also it really makes you think about good and evil and what is classed in these two polar oposites, and it also makes you think about what you would do if you were in the main character's position. His name is Light Yagami, and he is awesome, he is very very cool - me and my friend who reads the manga think he's hot :P - but the most awesome funny thing about him is that Yagami backwards is imagay, or i'm a gay!!!

I can't think of other stuff to write, except that I have an irrational feeling i'm going to have a nightmare tonight...

How'ls Moving Castle

I have just watched Howl's Moving Castle, it's amazing. I feel so happy! It's unbelievable how amazing i feel! I am just..... indescribable. I feel like my smile coud light the whole sky with stars (if they weren't there already)

I'm Feeling Better

My sister got WiiFit for her birthday yesterday, so i haven't stopped playing it :D apparently i have gained a pound since yesterday, i was (yes i measure in stones not kg) 7st 8lb but apprently now i'm 7st 10lb; so that's confused me, i'm not used to weight change btw, i've been 7 1/2st for... umm... about 4-ish years, maybe about 3, dunno really.
 Also, i'm 5ft 11", which i quite odd, because at easter last year i was 5ft 9", so i be growing.
 I don't think i have much else to say, except that the Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin) is functionally exctinct.

See you l8rz...;...


I feel like shit. Disgusting, unwanted and completely dispoable. I got dumped yesteray, i have had one person say something nice to me since then. One person. It doesn't make things any better that i'm being made fun of by my parents friends, who, by the way, are being told everything about me by my parents. Also, my sister have lot at least 2 of my games now, actually, it wasn;t them, it was the friends they invited round who lost them; and they've just nearly broken my laptop and have just left me to fix it whilst they go away and play on the Wii. My Wii. On my game. Which I bought, but go on the least because my sisters are always on it. My only consolation is.... there isn't one, i can't think of anything that's making this all a little bit better.

Just one more thing before i go, i've just remembered, i was rying on monday and no-one noticed. Not even my mum.

Answer Truthfully

Are you Christian?

The 'Holy Bible' says: It's okay to sell your daughter into slavery
                                       Those who work on the sabbath (Sunday) should be but to death.
                                       If a man has long hair it is a shame onto him.
                                       Men who sleep with other men are to be put to death.
                                       A man is not allowed near a woman when she is on her period.
                                       Rape isn't bad - Moses said that when a city is taken, the women (who are virgnis) should be given to the soilders.
                                       Children who disobey their parents should be stoned to death bt every man in the city.

I will ask you again.

Are you Christian?

 [Edit] Sorry 'bou this, i was in a really wierd mood :P

Naruto - My Theory...

...on Shikamaru. If you don't know, there is an anime series called Naruto and ther is a character in it called Shikamaru. If you have seen it, this blog kinda has spoilers in it, so be warned. Anywhos, there is a Hokage who is the leader of the hidden ninja village (don't ask) makes this wierd gesture where she crosses/links her hands infront of her face so you can't see them. Just now, when i was watching Naruto (ep. 201), Shikamaru did the exact same gesture, whilst talking about something serious, which is when the Hokage does it. Also, he argues with her a lot, as if they are equals; this leads me to believe that Shikamaru is going to be Hokage... eventually.

The End

btw, i've given up on the whole infog/diarog thing... it's driving me nuts!

I have no life.......

 vI have done nothing this week. Well, i feel as if i've done nothing all week, really i've done nothing all weekend, i should've been going to a gig with my friend but i was ill, today we had our cousins over but they left early; so now i feel as if i haven't done anything in a week. I always try to make sunday last as long as possible, only because i dread going to school, i get so bored, and most of the work we do just seems completely and utterly pointless. We have these massive build-ups to exams that last for ages and ages, like that S.A.T.'s last year; every day for the whole year we were told that we had our S.A.T.'s soon and had to concentrate otherwise we wouldn't do well. They were made up to be so important, almost vital to our existnce, so that turned out for the worse. That method only works on extroverts, i'm introvert; I worried so much about the S.A.T.'s, I was most scared of what my teachers would say if i didn't get the highest grade possible. I was so releived when we finished the S.A.T.'s i was looking foward to a rest from all that work, however, the next lesson we had we asked what we would be doing for the rest of the term, the teacher eplied, "G.C.S.E. preparation, now sit down and get  your books out..." And it never ends. We work and work and work, the final result being more work. It's even worse on people like me, for the simple fact that i cannot stand writing essay's, it just doesn't work with me. You get asked one question which could be anwered in a few simple sentences, a paragraph at the most, but we're not allowed to do it like that. No, we have to address completely different things, which don't help the answer at all, they only amount to reems and reems of structured scrawl that wouldn't be missed by anyone. If you don't beieve me then i can give an example:

"How does Seamus Heany explores life and death in his poems."

Heany use various words and phrases to explore life and death, he compares them and attches them to different objects, animals and people to personify and objectify them in the readers eyes.

See, nice and easy. But my essay was 6 pages long, A4 pages! Why? i hear you ask, because the exam board likes it when you do that. Those are the exact words my teacher said, this was justifying writing all you knew about two poems and then comparing them. I might aswell have been talking about how weird the trampoline looks when you stand on your head, or why my big toe is so freakishly huge compared to the other teson my feet, actually, now that i think about it, i probably would get the question answered better if compared those two instead.

Sorr about that, i kinda lost track and ranted,i can't help it though, i've been told i have teenager-itis. Alos, sorry for over-using commas, t's how my brain works.


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